The Researching Research Project

This critical action research project was derived from my multiple years of teaching practice in an organic way. It started as an informal group of qualitative methodology instructors coming together to support each other’s teaching. We then formalized it and enacted a critical action research design to explore teaching and learning in introductory level research methodology classes. Specifically, we examine students’ conceptualization of “research” and the evolution of their conceptualizations in a methodology class. Funded by Indiana University’s Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, the project explicates how a canon-based pedagogical approach to qualitative inquiry has alienated students from being fully engaged in their learning. Our research proposes an alternative pedagogy foregrounding student-centered learning and makes explicit links between everyday experience and research practice.

Findings from this project have been reported in two journal articles and a book chapter. In addition, my collaborators and I completed a research methodology textbook, Making sense of social scientific research: A Student- and Practitioner-Centered Approach. The book has been published by Sage Press in 2021.