I have been teaching at the University of Florida since 2019. At UF, I mostly offer graduate level qualitative research methodology courses. Previously, I taught both qualitative and quantitative research methodology courses at Indiana University-Bloomington.

Teaching for me primarily entails genuine communication between the instructor and the students. The ultimate goal of this activity lies in the growth of each and every individual in the classroom. I keep in mind that most of the students in my classroom share the desires for success, dignity, and a meaningful life. In my teaching, I also aim at facilitating students’ reflexivity and creativity, and promoting inclusivity, diversity and social justice.

Content-wise, I am prepared to teach introductory courses on both qualitative and quantitative research, to lead seminars on the philosophical foundations of social inquiry, and to offer advanced qualitative methodology courses.

Here is a sample syllabus if you are interested in learning about my teaching style, or introductory courses on research methodology:

Strategies for Educational Inquiry (master level course, online or hybrid)– EDUC-Y520 Y520 2017 Spring Syllabus